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Home > Shop by Brand > Tuga Chemie Car Care > Tuga Wheel Cleaner 32 oz
Home > Exterior Car Care > Wheel & Tire Care > Tuga Wheel Cleaner 32 oz

Tuga Wheel Cleaner 32 oz

Tuga Wheel Cleaner 32 oz
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Tuga Wheel Cleaner is a modern highly effective wheel cleaner for steel and light alloy rims (including chrome, clear coated, paint, powder-coated wheel surfaces) and hubcaps. The pH-balanced and acid-free gel-like formula removes easily and gently baked on brake dust and a variety of heavy contaminants such as flash rust and road grime. The product works auto-actively and does not drop off for an optimal penetration.

Effect indicator, during the active cleaning phase the rim cleaner will change color and turn reddish to violet.

*Best when applied to cool and dry wheels.
*Spray the Tuga Wheel Cleaner on to one wheel at a time.
*Let the active pH balanced formula dwell on wheel for 3 to 5 minutes. Do NOT let dry on wheel surface.
*Use a soft sponge or brush to help agitate and clean wheel as needed.
*Thoroughly rinse down the wheel.
*Repeat process for each wheel.

*If used in direct sun proceed with caution
*Do not allow to dry on sensitive surfaces
*Always test on an inconspicuous surface before use
*Observe all instructions of rim manufacturers and custom rim finishing shops.
*Test on inconspicuous area before use

Made in Germany

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