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Home > What's New > CarPro EliXir High Gloss Quick Detailer 1000 ml New!
Home > Shop by Brand > CarPro Car Care Products > CarPro EliXir High Gloss Quick Detailer 1000 ml New!

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CarPro EliXir High Gloss Quick Detailer 1000 ml New!
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CarPro EliXir High Gloss Quick Detailer 1000 ml

"Your New Favorite Quick Detailer"

CarPro Proudly presents a product that combines two of our favorite attributes! In fact the combination of function and beauty made possible by Elixir.

Certainly Elixir originated from humble beginnings…. The brainchild of a few of the most devout CarPro fanatics and “would be chemists” who asked “what if” Close your eyes and imagine for a moment…. A product that offers the quick application of Ech2o with the hydrophobic energy of the industry leader in ceramic nano technology! CarPro took this idea and expanded on it to create an absolutely phenomenal quick detailer that provides a FAST layer of depth, gloss, and hydrophobic energy to a variety of surfaces!

Beyond the incredible levels of gloss and its excellent hydrophobic nature, Elixir goes on easy as can be, applies in rain or shine, and lasts for weeks on end!

•Quick & Easy Application
•Ready To Use - No Dilution required
•Great hydrophobic properties
•Works great on both coated and un-coated vehicles
•Versatile, works well on many materials
•Works great even in direct sun

1.Shake well
2.Spray half a panel sparingly
3.Immediately spread even, buff in, and buff off
4.Use a clean “final wipe” towel and check for perfection before moving to next section or panel.

One 1000 ml bottle.

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